Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Instant Office completely Rebranded

on 2016 Jan we had completely re branded the Building with
complete new elevation,
and lots of alteration on the Building just to make a suitable place to work .

Added New Biryani shop to Facilitate Plus complete complete rebranding done

We are know in the instant office Business permises industry for
providing office space at reasonable cost & Facility in Chennai.

This month, we had added a Biryani center on side of the building to Facilitate all the people who are working in instant office building,
Working with proper meal provides sufficient nutrition to body,
As i said before we care more about our customer, facility and infrastructure than actual Business model
This year we had completely redone our business model trying to provide more value to brand.

  •    sufficient car part space, 
  •  Bike parking space, 
  •  Super meal and Tiffin center around the building to Facilitate the Instant office master, to keep them busy in there work with hungry in there stomach, All at very reasonable price , a Full Chicken Biryani for Rs80 I think its not bad. 
Its very famous biryani, name as Rafiq's Biryani, The cook is from Pallapatti,
so if you have your office in Instant
you can have mouth water biryani every day for your Lunch.

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