Saturday, October 13, 2012

Co working office space in chennai,
Its a Great effort to bring the community based office space and working environment in Heart of Chennai.
Here we had managed to get a round of people from all walks of life,
mostly start up young Enterprise. 


  1. Here you can meet Lots of Foreign company and share,
    there are australian, Bangkok, Uk based company and start up enterprenuer have set up there company.

  2. Yes we had set up our hosting company here,
    was able to find lots of customer inside the office permises itself.
    nice cool space,
    rent is very very resonable.

  3. Sounds really exciting, so far! Seems, like it will be interesting to see, as what this conversation develops into? Depending on, how the idea is implemented, I would be interested in participating...
    More Info Here